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55 Gallon Open Top Barrel with Removable Lid & Heavy Side Latch Ring

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20 gallon Tight Head Drum Barrel. Texas Barrel Supply

55 Gallon Open Top Barrel with Removable Lid & Heavy Side Latch Ring

This barrel is great for use as:
Rain barrel
Emergency food storage
Pet food storage
Holiday decoration storage
Deer feeder barrel
Emergency water storage
Store for sports gear
Storing camping gear
Feed bin for grain for cattle & horses
Compost barrel
Water collection
Vineyard wine applications

55 gallon open top barrel with removable lid and heavy side latch ring. Food Grade
(High Density Polyethylene) Barrel Dimensions: 20" X 20" X 35", Weight: 22Lb
Colors available : blue or black.
Blue barrels are food grade.

All items available for pickup at our location or delivery to your location.

IMPORTANT: Shipping is NOT included in cost of barrels & parts.
Contact us for shipping quote BEFORE ordering barrels.