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15 gallon Tight Head Drum Barrel

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20 gallon Tight Head Drum Barrel. Texas Barrel Supply
Uses for this barrel include:
Water Barrel,
Water Collection
Emergency Water
RVs and campers
Potable water
Food Grade Blue plastic poly barrel
Waste oil
Diesel fuel storage
Snow cone stand

Made in the USA. Barrels are food grade. Used one time.
Barrels have two, 2 inch bung holes with closure caps. Great industrial barrel.
UN rated, 1H1/Y1.4/100/11
Barrel has 2 ideally placed handles.
Dimensions : 29 inches tall, 16 inches diameter, 9lbs.

All items available for pickup at our location or delivery to your location.

IMPORTANT: Shipping is NOT included in cost of barrels & parts.
Contact us for shipping quote BEFORE ordering barrels.